TwinkPay Webmaster Affiliate Terms and Conditions

TwinkPay Affiliate Program (Program) Terms and Conditions (Agreement) for Affiliates
These terms and conditions apply to all affiliates who wish to and are enrolled in the TwinkPay Affiliate Program.

These terms and conditions are:

  • short, simple and clear to make it easy for affiliates

  • the basis of rules regarding program eligibility, enrollment and promotional activity

  • not exhaustive of all examples of unethical, deceptive or illegal conduct

  • designed to reflect our obligations to third party partners such as billing solution providers, hosting providers and content partners, the terms of which can change at any time.

It is at TwinkPay's discretion to alter or change the Program terms and conditions at any time and without notification to affiliates. Compliance with the Program's terms and conditions is your responsibility.

Affiliates are responsible for contacting TwinkPay if they have any concerns or questions prior to enrollment or after acceptance into the program.

Eligibility and Enrollment:
You must be 18 or greater to enroll (depends on your jurisdiction).

TwinkPay reserves the right to review any enrollment to determine eligibility before or after acceptance into the Program. It is at TwinkPay's sole discretion to disable or cancel an enrollment at any time if we determine that your site(s) or method of promotion or participation are not consistent with the intent of this Agreement, whether or not such activity is specifically prohibited by this Agreement.

It is your responsibility to contact the Program if there are any issues or concerns related to your enrollment, eligibility and ongoing membership, changes to billing and payment information.

Promotional Rules:
You are granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and download promotional links and other designated promotional materials from our "Webmaster Area", for the sole and exclusive purpose of promoting websites owned, operated or controlled by TwinkPay.

You may use any legal and ethical means for promotion as long as they are consistent with the terms of this Agreement. If there is any desire to use these materials in a manner differing from their intended purpose affiliates are required to notify TwinkPay prior to there use.


  • utilize, directly or indirectly, CHILD PORNOGRAPHY or other unlawful images, content or activities in connection, directly or indirectly, with the promotion of any of our site(s). You account will be terminated immediately (without any compensation) and your information will be reported to appropriate government authorities.

  • incorporate images or content that is unlawful, defamatory, obscene, harassing or otherwise similarly objectionable.

  • directly or indirectly, facilitate illegal activity, or promote infringement of the copyright or other intellectual property rights of others.

  • market the Program and its site(s) in a manner that is clearly negative or derogatory. This can unfairly impact the TwinkPay business, its partners and other affiliates as well.

  • use deceptive language or misleading URL's in our promotional links

  • use email marketing of any kind, employ adware/spyware or electronically adjust our links

  • employ unacceptable promotional terms employed in metatags, site/search engine placement, domain names, advertising or anywhere on the site used to promote TwinkPay sites. Unacceptable promotional terms includes any term that contravenes the terms and conditions related to promotion rules.

  • promote any of our site(s) in a manner that is intended to generate payouts to you without providing us with the commercial benefits of your promotion, for example:

1) you may not promote membership sign ups to our pay site(s) that are not completely voluntary and that are not in good faith an intention of being a bona fide full pay member to our site(s);

2) require a sign-up to any of our pay site(s) as a condition of accessing any site(s) or receiving any other consideration;

3) you may not utilize personal ads (personals or dating sites, chat systems etc);

4) you may not use "warez" sites to promote our site(s);

5) you may not promote our site(s) via a non-adult free host (such as Geocities or Angelfire, for example);

6) you may not promote our site(s) with the explicit or implicit message or suggestion that the potential member or subscriber to any of our site(s) take advantage of introductory rates or offers without any realistic intention of continuing as a paying member or that the potential member or subscriber join our pay sites without any realistic intention of continuing as a member on an ongoing basis.

    It is impossible to specifically list all possible methods of engaging in deceptive, illegal or commercially unethical conduct, you acknowledge and agree that we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to determine if your promotion of any of our site(s) is inconsistent with the intent of this Agreement.

    Any activity that contravenes or is inconsistent with the terms and conditions of the program will result in an immediate disabling and/or possible cancellation of your affiliate account. We will not pay commissions or bonuses procured by actions that violate the express or implied terms of this Agreement.